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{The Hub Marketing Communications wins national marketing award}

Oh Yeah, we won!

As one of seven WA finalists at the Australian Marketing Awards last Thursday (22 October 2015), The Hub Marketing Communications (The Hub) won the Marketing Excellence award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category for their work with the 2015 Revealed: emerging Aboriginal artists event.

Managing Director of The Hub, Nicolle Jenkins said it was an absolute privilege to work on this project for the Department of Culture and the Arts. 

"I am honoured to accept this award on behalf of The Hub team, the Department and the 60 plus WA Aboriginal artists that relied on us to do a good job for them," Nicolle said.

"As a small Perth marketing firm celebrating our 10th birthday, this win is a big deal for us," she added.

"Revealed is a great example of achieving significant results and making a difference, without a huge budget," she said.

It's a tough time to be an Aboriginal artist.  Global downturns have triggered devastating falls in the Aboriginal art market.  Returns to Aboriginal artists have declined by more than 40% (Woodhead and Acker 2014).

In WA, there are more than 4,000 Aboriginal artists and 29 Art Centres.  This is around 30% of all Aboriginal artists in Australia.  WA is also the second largest producer of Aboriginal art in Australia.

Aboriginal-owned Art Centres are among the most positive enterprises in remote communities providing multifaceted benefits to communities and contributing to Australia's national identity.  They are vital to remote community livelihoods and the only form of non-welfare income.

Photo: Managing Director Nicolle Jenkins with Russel Howcroft, Gruen Panellist and MC of the award evening.

The Department of Culture and the Arts recognised a new approach was needed to open new markets and reduce isolation.  Revealed was created!  Revealed is an exhibition, marketplace, symposium, and professional development program for WA's emerging Aboriginal artists.

Revealed coordinator Tim Acker said supporting Art Centres is a great way to contribute to the livelihoods and wellbeing of remote places. 

"Art is such a big contributor to the social wellbeing, cultural health and liveliness of the community.  It's a place to paint and talk, it's integration.  The paintings are a result of that.  That is why Revealed is so important," Tim said.

The marketing focused on the revenue generating elements, being the exhibition and marketplace.  On a tight budget, smart, results oriented marketing tactics were required to boost audiences and drive sales.

Artists and their stories led the campaign.  As a result, attendance grew by 27%, media coverage by 89% and sales by 8% (from the 2013 event).  For every $1 spent on marketing; $4.20 of sales were generated for artists.

Nicolle said feedback from artists and the community exceeded expectations.

"This has been one of the best weeks of my life.  When I go back to Halls Creek, I know I have to keep painting," said artist Janine.

"It is quite amazing just walking through the marketplace here to see the sheer diversity of art. I mean, it just helps people who don't know how big WA is to understand and showcase how many different Aboriginal art styles there are." SBS reporter Allan.

Tim said the attitude of The Hub was both inventive and comprehensive, which was translated to the work they produced and the results achieved. 

"Communicating the energy, spirit and diversity of Revealed was central to attracting those audiences and The Hub were instrumental in getting Revealed’s message out there successfully.  The team at The Hub ‘got’ the project, and exceeded the brief they were given, because they too believed in the event," he said.

The full list of AMI winners:  http://www.ami.org.au/imis15/AMI/Recognition/Awards/2014_National_Winners/AMI/Recognition/Awards/2014_National_Winners.aspx?hkey=f5dd9870-c12d-4be3-82c5-43f9fdc8ab54

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